Remote Desktop Access

Students to access EECS resources, please go here:


Your friendly VCEA IT department has rolled out a remote desktop portal, called Guacamole, that provides a secure tunnel for you to connect remotely to your computer at WSU. All you need is a device with a web browser and a connection to the WSU SSL VPN. (however mouse and keyboard support is highly recommended.)

If you need to be able to access local resources within VCEA, such as shared drives or printers, Guacamole might just be the solution you need. It protects WSU data and yourself by not transmitting or storing the data remotely; you’re merely looking at them remotely. Get a hold of us to setup your access and have a look at our tutorial for connecting to your workstation at WSU. Guacamole isn’t just a tasty treat!

Guidelines & Limitations

Guacamole won’t work with every device or operating system out there, but if you have a current, supported machine and operating system, chances are it will work just fine. Give us a call, drop us an email, or better yet, submit a ticket ( and we’ll be happy to make sure your system will work with ours.

Of course, we’ll need to get approval from your school director or supervisor for you to work from home, but once we do that we can help you get everything squared away.

Getting Connected

To get connected with please check out our knowledge base articles at the WSU KB.