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VCEA IT Department

Latest Updates

  • COVID-19, VCEA IT & YOU (3/12/2020) - Life is a little chaotic right at the moment. Anxiety surrounding COVID-19 is high. We're hoping that we can help by collecting some of the information and giving you a one stop shop. Here you will find links to tutorials,… Read More
  • VCEA IT: Emergency reboots of some services (03/20/2020 – 12:00 PDT) (3/20/2020) - Update (3/20/2020 - 12:15 PDT):** These maintenance items are complete **Both of these maintenance items have been completed without issue.-- We will be performing emergency reboots of two services in VCEA today during the lunch hour. The VCEA Finance DB… Read More
  • VCEA IT: Network Infrastructure Maintenance (03/18/2020) (3/17/2020) - Update (03/19/2020 -- 02:30 PDT):** This Maintenance is Complete **--With it being Spring Break and there being an expected increase of network activity for the rest of the semester, we are planning on rolling out switch firmware updates & configuration… Read More
  • WSU Softphone request (3/17/2020) - WSU Central IT is waiving the fees for adding your WSU number as a soft phone.  A "softphone" (or SIP phone) redirects your WSU phone number to any SIP client (a software app on your computer or smart phone).   This… Read More

Maintenance Notifications (Upcoming)

There is no upcoming maintenance scheduled at this time. This section will be updated as maintenance is scheduled.

Maintenance Notifications (Complete)