[2021-11-10 11:15 AM PST] WSU Pullman Phones Down – Restored 4:47 PM

[4:47 PM]

Thanks to vendor and ITS technical teams, phone service should be fully restored.

[2:20 PM]

WSU Pullman phones continue to experience service interruption. Teams are working to resolve as quick as possible.

[12:18 PM]

Incoming and Outgoing phone calls to/from the Pullman campus continue to be down due to a major outage at our service provider.  911 is still available on campus.

We will update as this situation develops.

[11:15 AM]

WSU Information Technology is working to identify the root cause and resolve the issue with phone service on Pullman campus.

Currently, external calls seem to be affected.

This post will be updated when the phones are restored.