WSU Central IT is waiving the fees for adding your WSU number as a soft phone.  A “softphone” (or SIP phone) redirects your WSU phone number to any SIP client (a software app on your computer or smart phone).   This will be very valuable so that you do not have to publish your cell phone number or return calls from your cell number.  You can use an app, such as Google Voice, to receive or make calls.  They will all come to / from your WSU number.

If you would like to have this feature enabled for your WSU phone, we will need some info from you:

PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL at with the subject line SIP PHONE REQUEST.  This will let us collect all the information in an organized fashion.  Please include the information shown below.  We will work on instructions on how to set it up once it is created.

Your support ticket should include the following information:
WSU Phone #, Name, WSU Network ID (NID) , Email address
(Example: 509-335-1157, Tony Burt, tony.burt,