[2021-08-18 00:01 AM – 14:00 PST] Emergency Shutdown Chilled Water — EME 106


Things went mostly smooth this morning.  We do have some non-critical systems which are still in the process of being brought back online, but we hope to be completed with that within the hour.

If you had any active / open connections to systems, you may need to reboot to reestablish those connections.


Per FacOps notification this morning it sounds like the chilled-water outage would be unnecessary, but for power we still need to go down safely ahead of time.  If FacOps completes the power outage sooner than their timeline, we will be able to bring equipment back online earlier as well.  An update to the progress will be posted as it is completed.

myFacilities notice is available from their website:

If there are any changes to the FacOps current plan/schedule, we will revise our plans/notice accordingly.  Our scheduled outage time is introducing a major buffer to allow us to prep the room and safely bring systems offline and then back online.

See below for maintenance info.


Maintenance Info

POC: VCEA Systems Team | support.vcea@wsu.edu | (509)335-6773

What: All college research/compute nodes, virtual machines, and network storage.


  • Start: Wednesday August 18, 2021 00:01 (12 am) PT
  • End:  Wednesday August 18, 2021 08:00 (8 am) PT
  • Duration of outage (Wed, Aug 18): 8 hours
    • 00:01 – 02:59 = start turning off research computing systems housed in EME 106
    • 03:00 – 04:59 = ALL systems (servers, networks, storage, compute) turned offline
    • 05:00 – 05:59 = FacOps Power Outage
    • 06:00 – 06:59 = turning on network storage, virtual machines, and core remote work systems
    • 07:00 – 07:59 = bringing all systems back online, checking services
  • Maintenance or service outages may not last the entire maintenance period. A notification will be sent once maintenance is complete.

Affected resources: All college research/compute nodes, virtual machine hosting, and network storage hosted out of EME 106.

Affected users: All VCEA faculty, staff, and students.

NotesCustomers should save/close all their open files and log out of their systems by 11:59pm Tuesday evening before the outage.  Clusters using a scheduler will be able to schedule jobs, but they will be blocked/held until the end of the maintenance period.

Notification procedures: A notification will be sent as a response to this email when maintenance is complete, or if there are issues/complications. A notification will be sent as a response to this email if this maintenance is rescheduled.

Follow-up actions required:

If users encounter problems with services after the maintenance window is over, they should contact the VCEA Helpdesk online at support.vcea.wsu.edu, by email at support.vcea@wsu.edu, or by phone at (509)335-6773.