[2021-08-18 00:01 AM – 14:00 PST] Emergency Shutdown Chilled Water — EME 106

UPDATE: Things went mostly smooth this morning.  We do have some non-critical systems which are still in the process of being brought back online, but we hope to be completed with that within the hour. If you had any active / open connections to systems, you may need to reboot to reestablish those connections. ——————————————————————————————————————— […]

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[2021-01-04 12:00 – 2021-01-07 7:44 PDT] VCEA IT General Scheduled Maintenance – Chilled Water Shutdown

In coordination with WSU Facilities who is making major cooling improvements to our primary EME 106 server room, during the first work week of January 2021 we will be running in limited operations and in the evenings shutting down core college servers. During the days (7:45am – 5:14pm ) we will focus on keeping network storage, virtual […]

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[2020-08-13 10:00-18:00 PDT] VCEA IT Critical Scheduled Maintenance – Shutdown EEME Room 106 Chilled Water

Update (08/13/2020 – 18:14 PT)** These maintenance items are complete ** WSU FacOps completed some work today, but identified new flow/valve issues that will likely result in future scheduled maintenance/work. All planned outage systems/servers were brought back online today by 17:45 PDT; those with a scheduler are flowing all held jobs through the queue. As […]

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