Power / Network outage for Sloan / EME and all VCEA Networking – May 10th

We have been notified by WSU Facilities Services that they need to take the power down to replace breakers for the main power feeders for campus.  The one that will affect us most is the one that feeds Sloan and EE/ME because it will affect our data centers.  We will have to safely shut down some resources in order to maintain proper power and cooling to keep our core services functional.  With it being right before grade submissions, we are not willing to chance that things would last the duration of the outage.  (It was going to be 2 separate outages the same week, but I was able to work with Facilities to combine the work into a single outage.)

Little secret: (They don’t think the outages will last the full amount scheduled, but we can’t chance it for our data centers)

What:    Power to VCEA buildings and VCEA networking and services

When:   Tuesday, May 10th : 3 AM – 9 AM (networking and services)

                Tuesday, May 10th : 6 AM – 6:30 AM Power – EEME, Sloan, Wegner

                Tuesday, May 10th : 6 AM – 8 AM : Power – Dana, ELB, Thermal Fluids

                Wednesday, May 11th: 6 AM – 7 AM: Power – Carpenter, ETRL

                Thursday, May 12th: – Canceled (There was another one scheduled, but they are combining with the May 10th outages)

  • I don’t see Daggy on the list, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was included.

What do you need to do?   Shut down computers before leaving on May 9th (for most places) or May 10th for Carpenter and ETRL.