VCEA IT Maintenance – VCEA Network Firewall Updates – Nights of March 14th and 15th, 2022

There will be very brief outages and/or network blips during the nights below as network firewalls are updated to the latest software.

Times are:

Monday March 14th : 7pm to Midnight
Tuesday March 15th: 9pm until 3am March 16th

During these timeframes there will be brief network outages, as the firewalls fail over from active to backup and back again, most outages should be for less than a few seconds each. Some connections, such as fileshares/etc may be interrupted and have to be reconnected after maintenance is complete.

Faculty and Staff are advised to logoff and/or shutdown their computers at the end of day Monday and Tuesday evenings, or reboot them the following mornings if they have any issues.

This notice may be forwarded to Faculty and Staff, and/or posted to the VCEA IT website, though the high-availability nature of our firewalls should blunt much of the impact.

See below for further details.


Maintenance Info

POC: VCEA Systems Team

What: Brief network outages due to firewall updates


  • Day 1: Monday March 14th, 2022 19:00 until 23:59 Pacific time (7pm until 11:59pm)
  • Day 2: Tuesday March 15th, 2022 21:00 until March 16th 03:00 Pacific time (9pm until 3am)

Affected resources: VCEA Network resources, including outbound connectivity to the internet

Affected users: All, but primarily faculty and staff.

Notes: [ other info relevant to your maintenance or “N/A”]

Necessary User actions: Please logoff and/or power off computers Monday and Tuesday evenings before leaving work, or reboot computer Tuesday and Wednesday mornings upon arriving to work if any issues are found. If not resolved, please contact VCEA Support.

If users encounter problems with services after the maintenance window is over, they should contact the VCEA Helpdesk online at, by email at, or by phone at (509)335-6773.