VCEA IT Maintenance – VCEA Network Firewall Updates – Nights of March 14th and 15th, 2022

There will be very brief outages and/or network blips during the nights below as network firewalls are updated to the latest software. Times are: Monday March 14th : 7pm to MidnightTuesday March 15th: 9pm until 3am March 16th During these timeframes there will be brief network outages, as the firewalls fail over from active to […]

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[2022-01-05 – 17:30 to Midnight PST ] VCEA IT Critical Maintenance – VCEA Network Maintenance

Update: Maintenance is complete as of 3am, there were very few interruptions after midnight, but there may have been a few network packets lost here or there as things were wrapped up past the expected end, but the majority of the outages occurred prior to midnight. Depending on configuration Windows users may be presented with […]

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[2021-08-02 18:00 – 20:00 ] VCEA IT Maintenance – Firewall 0

Firewall0 (the new set of firewalls we’re slowly migrating to) will be upgraded to the current version, starting at 6pm. Overall process is expected to take 1-2 hours, but given the high availability configuration of firewall0, minimal, if any, impact should be observed during this process. ———————————————- Maintenance Info POC: VCEA Systems Team (Dave) What: New […]

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