[2022-02-07 7:30 – 8:00 AM PST ] VCEA IT Maintenance –

Update: Maintenance is complete. New version is in place. ————————————————————————- will be going offline for a short time for updates next Monday at 7:30AM. Users will not be able to use on the web during the update period. See below for maintenance info. ———————————————- Maintenance Info POC: VCEA Systems Team (Erik) What: updates […]

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[2021-06-14 17:00 – 17:05 PDT] VCEA IT Emergency Maintenance –

POC: VCEA Systems Team (Erik) What: Docker restart When: Start: Monday June 14, 2021 17:00 PDT End: Monday June 14, 2021 17:05 PDT Duration of outage ( website): The website will be unavailable during the maintenance window. Users with existing sessions may need to re-authenticate to resume their sessions. Maintenance or service outages may not last […]

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[2021-06-02 17:30 – 23:59 PST] VCEA IT Systemwide Network Maintenance

POC: VCEA Systems Team What: Networking, Linux & File Share Authentication, License Servers When: Start: Wednesday June 2, 2021 17:30 PT (5:30pm) End: Wednesday June 2, 2021 23:59 PT (midnight) Maintenance or service outages may not last the entire maintenance period. A notification will be sent once maintenance is complete. Affected resources: License Servers for Licensed Software […]

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[2021-04-26 00:00 – 23:59 PST ] VCEA IT Maintenance – VCEA Finance DB

Maintenance Info POC: VCEA Systems Team (Erik Ostrom) What: Overhaul VCEA Finance DB system When: Start: Monday April 26, 2021 00:00 PST End: Monday April 26, 2021 23:59 PST Duration of outage (VCEA Finance DB): Intermittent outage during maintenance window. Please do not make changes to the database during this maintenance window. Maintenance or service outages may not […]

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[2020-08-19 10:00 PDT] VCEA IT General Scheduled Maintenance – migration

As of ~10:00 AM, August 19th, 2020, VCEA ISG has moved its support ticket system to WSU’s Jira instance. This change will help streamline requests from customers, including those that begin with another Helpdesk (such as the Crimson Service Desk). Make sure to update your bookmarks! Our new Jira portal is located at and […]

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[2020-03-20 12:00 PDT] VCEA IT Emergency Unscheduled Maintenance – Emergency reboots of some services

Update (3/20/2020 – 12:15 PDT):** These maintenance items are complete **Both of these maintenance items have been completed without issue.— We will be performing emergency reboots of two services in VCEA today during the lunch hour. The VCEA Finance DB and will be restarted to apply changes before this weekend. See below for the […]

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